Sunday, 19 July 2020

Why Black Lives Matter is about Whites, Too

It's amazing that #BlackLivesMatter is so polarizing when reasonable human beings can agree that Blacks have faced and still face so much racism - all over the world.

Today, you pretty much have to be a denier of history as well as current events to conclude that life is okay for Black people, that they are safe or as safe as Whites.

Here's how #blacklivesmatter is about Whites, too:

  • actively engaging in racist actions is harmful to everyone
  • active engagement in racist activity is harmful to Whites
  • active engagement in racist activity is harmful to Blacks
  • active engagement in racist activities is harmful to all races
  • feeling superior to another races is bad for Whites (is delusional)
  • feeling superior to another race is based on lies
  • being superior means a ton of pressure - who needs that?
  • oppressing blacks doesn't make you truly more secure

White Supremacists, your arguments are erroneous and your history of white power is based on abuse, not truth and merit. Your rise is a result of you dehumanizing yourselves as well as others. Also, your rise is about your cruelty and barbarism and your absolute fear and weakness regarding being upstanding human beings. You fear black (and minority) strength just as much as you fear your own weaknesses and mostly - you fear being found out. This last point is your most ridiculous response in your grandest delusion because you've been found out for hundreds of years.

Only your cruelty and abusiveness keep you in any kind of power. However, you are creating more and more resiliency in your target enemy because you can't kill all of the people you fear at once. Those who survived your last round of attacks are stronger than those you last attacked, more creative and resilient. They are constantly re-creating themselves, continually re-forming and surviving everything you've been dishing out for centuries while most of your tactics remain the same.

Blacks and minorities haven't been trying to decimate you, Whites and persons holding great power through cruel and oppressive methods. Blacks and minorities are not interested in the work of genocide against you, Whites, because Blacks and most minorities still possess their humanity. They just want your grievous savagery and continual harms against humanity to stop.

So - if you're so powerful - just for one day - STOP!

Aside from actual white supremacist thinking, it is obvious, (most) Whites, you don't know how to do this - stop being oppressors. You don't know how to liberate anyone from oppression, especially yourselves - but don't worry! Many resilient minorities - including amazing black people - are methodically working to change this and help us all - even you.
You can start to educate yourself - as non-whites have been doing:

 And once you stop defending your white rights and just hear what is being taught by Freire, hooks, Brown, DiAngelo and many, many more diversity facilitators and educators, you will FEEL LESS attacked - you can't learn while you're using the same brain cells to formulate defending statements.


  1. Could it be that what appears to be defending their white rights is really defending their rights as a human being while also admitting that they recognize their white privilege?

    1. I'm fairly certain that most whites feeling the need to talk about their white rights are not quite yet recognizing their white privilege and are continuing to dismiss black rights and misunderstand what the fight for rights is about. The idea here is that whites already have rights and privilege without making any statements and should stop stepping in the pathways and spotlights of those who haven't, for hundreds of years, had unearned rights and privileges.

      No, I don't believe what appears to be defending their rights is really admitting to recognition of white privilege and defending their rights as a human being. It sounds more like "white fragility" raising it's head. This argument/question posed seems rooted in white fragility.