Friday, 15 October 2021

If you are not surrendering under the onslaught of necessary calls to honesty over privilege

Then you are NOT being honest... (or you're missing the whole point of calling out privilege and calls to action to stop overpowering those without privilege)

If marginalized persons/groups point in your general direction and other you as the other who has been an oppressor (and you fit the description of their oppressors), then you need to surrender. If you are NOT in that marginalized group, you ARE in the oppressor group.


Even if your parents didn't directly own slaves


It's what an ally does - in order to allow the marginalized voice to be elevated.

If you don't understand how you could be an oppressor when you haven't actively engaged in being an oppressor - check your privilege and check the status quo and see how these match up. If you benefit from the status quo, especially for doing nothing, you are in the oppressor group.

Yep - it might be a little unfair - and the solution to all this is...

Wait for it...
It's important that you...
Educate yourself!
Lower your self-protective defenses because nobody is really attacking you when asking you to reflect and examine your privilege.
You are NOT an ALLY if you do not understand this stuff, know how to hold space with a marginalized group or person, or if you continue to be defensive and butthurt about privilege you hold like a piece of property. If you can't distribute that privilege to EVERYONE around you - it's a status quo thing and you benefit from keeping things as they are. (even if you don't like that you benefit and don't mean to benefit from keeping things as they are - even if you WISH things weren't this way).
If you require that things stay as they are - you cannot be an ally to any other than the dominant group you belong to.
Racism is harsh.
Self-reflection is hard.
Colours, shapes, differences exist... and people with different skin colours belong together.
Move the heck over white people! If you're not going to surrender in order to learn about honest self-reflection and allyship, move over, out of the way - you're impeding the progress of others who are doing the work of liberating people from oppression... if you move aside, eventually the black people and other minorities and oppressed will liberate you from your denial and oppression, too, but you're going last in line for that.

Last in line. For a change.

Privilege is SO AWESOME... only when you understand it and use it mindfully for particular purposes. Privilege is awesome - when you can examine it and do your best to abandon it (in context, of course). When removing your own privilege is not possible, it is awesome when you can stand in it and admit you have it and can still hold space fully for someone else.


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